Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's already been almost a month since my last post!

I'm hopeless I know!

Well the OPK's turned up... and I was seriously beginning to think they didn't work for me!

I started using them from day 10 of my cycle, which was when I got them, and no positives! A friend of mine was using the same tests and they didn't seem to be working for her either.

So we both bought Forelife instream OPK's and BOTH got positives... so note to all you ladies out there... some OPK's do not work for women at all... others are just crap! I still have a bunch... and if I'm not UTD this cycle will still probably use them... I got a darkish line not long before I tested with the other and got my positive so may still help!

Anyways... I DID end up ovulating... way way way along on Cycle Day 27!! I was shocked! that is soo late! So of course I started wondering whether that would mean a short LP (luteal Phase) since my last cycle had been 29 days!!

But seems not... am now on Cycle Day 39!! My longest cycle since coming off the Pill... and I don't even remember any of my cycles before that being this long either... so my LP so far is 12 days... AF should be due between now and Friday...

Cervix still seems high... but temp dropped, so am doing some research as to what that means exactly... (not that much of it ever makes sense... will update when I have info.)

But fingers crossed AF doesn't turn up and i finally have that bubba in my belly I've been dreaming of.

oh yeah and I should add... (I'm always forgetful) i tested on Sunday... it was Fathers Day... so I was kind of hoping that I might be able to give Steve the best present ever! Unfortunately was a BFN... but then at only 10DPO it was almost gauranteed anyways!

I'm testing again tomorrow... 13DPO... am hoping I get the lines I want... if i don't... then I'll wait until after AF is 'supposedly' due... which is roughly Friday I think...

so we'll see!!

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