Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I know!! I'm terrible!!!

we have been soo busy over the last month it has been unbelievable!!

hmm so a catch up....

I had a bit of a breakdown awhile ago...

After getting my BFN that first month i was just all blah... no other real word for it... i was stressed about trying for a baby and so many other things...

I've finally realised now that everything else doesn't matter... yes there will always be stress in my life but no there's not always something i can do about it or a way to fix it so i have to step back!

In saying that i like to think i've finally managed to do it.

As for the baby... no good news yet!! well not BIG news anyway.

We're onto cycle number 3. How long it's going to be i have NO idea. Cycle 1 was 35 days... Cycle 2 was 32. so I decided to average out roughly when I 'should' be ovulating based on those and got between the Friday just gone and this Friday (also my birthday! so could be a good sign)

Mind you I was chatting on one of my many forums and my lovely friend mentioned cervical mucus again and that it's normally really slippery and such when it's very fertile... well I had that about 5 days after Aunt Flow left...

so now I'm not quite sure... am thinking that maybe I ovulate quite early in my cycle and have a long Luteal phase...

but then there's no way to know for sure unless I track even more.

So instead of doing that... hubby and I have just been attacking each other whenever we can and hoping to catch this lil eggie of mine! In research i have read they say for the best chance to catch that eggie you need to do the babydance at least every 2-4 days throughout your cycle, and we've been alternating so we'll see!

I have had a pretty good feeling about this month... but then that doesn;t necessarily mean anything... guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Based on my dates... the earliest i 'could' or 'should' test is probably Friday the 31st of July... Aunt Flow should have reared her ugly head by then if she's coming.

so am thinking of holding off to test until the Saturday or Sunday... (if she hasn;t turned up of course) so am crossing my fingers and we'll see how we go!