Monday, June 15, 2009

its been forever!

Well I know... it's been forever since I've posted.

There's been a lot of stuff going on and honestly... I needed to get my head around a lot of stuff and stop stressing myself out.

So trying to catch you up then.

As I had written... I was basing myself on a standard cycle last month as it was the first month of being off the pill I had no idea really what it would be.

Well I was late... and I got my hopes up only to find out that I have a 35 day cycle (or did last month... am hoping the same this month!)

So i was all excited... thinking my period was late... that I could really be up the duff already... especially having Steve pushing and pushing that he KNEW we were pregnant already because I

Well he was wrong... and I got so down about it... and then all these annoying other things came into it. Nothing to do with TTC but enough to bring my stress levels way up!

Oh and now my mum and dad know we are trying... and know about my stress from the first BFN!! well from the first test... I'm tipping they assumed the results.

But yeah... the end of last month was a stressful one for me. But Steve and I have been talking heaps... and though there is still stresses here... I'm working at pushing all of them to the back of my mind and worrying only about Him, me and hopefully our soon to be conceived baby.

I do have to thank my online friends... If I didn't have them to talk with and vent to... I'd be going nuts even more than have been!! They're my rocks (along with Steve of course) and I love them for it.

Oooooh... I've also been looking into making my own modern cloth nappies. Am hoping to buy some material and give one a go soon... once htings calm themselves down a little!

wish me luck!!